About Us

About us

Ideal Insight is a video production and social media management company based in London, New York & Milan. We champion ourselves in producing captivating content tailored to you.

Our story

Founded in 2012, we've grown from a one-man office to a multi-national agency producing creative video and social campaigns for ambitious brands around the world. From start-ups to large corporations, we're proud to have developed a five star reputation for producing exceptional content that is uniquely tailored for each and every brand that we work with.

What we believe

We centre our strategy around your business to deliver the highest quality finish, providing first-class service from brief to completion. Our relationship with you is key to a successful partnership.

How we work

When you get in touch, we get to work! We research your project before making first contact with you, allowing us to go into the briefing fully prepared. Our full, in-house team is directed by experienced creatives and we commence each project with a structured, flexible approach, remaining in contact throughout.

Project Management

Producing new content can be a difficult and time consuming process. Our account management team fully manages your project from start to finish and provide a dedicated point of contact for you throughout your project.

Our Process

Simple and hassle-free

If you have a clear brief, or just know that you need a video, we are here to help you with the ideas and objectives to create the best outcome for your budget.

The Content

We firstly identify the final result you want to achieve, from here we spec out the project, requirements and content needed.

Creative Planning

Here we identify the key messages you want to convey, creating a storyboard that links back to the original concept. This includes the project must-haves ready for the shoot.

The Shoot

Now the real fun begins! We bring out all our latest technology to capture and direct the footage required to create your video. We always capture more footage than needed to ensure the best quality outcome, delivered first-time.

Production Management

We manage everything surrounding the shoot, from the location to make-up and models. This allows us to make the process as easy as possible for you throughout.


Once the shoot is complete, our in-house video editors will edit the footage and send the first cuts back to you within 10-14 days. Here you can review, comment and suggest changes, before the we send over the finished content.

The Finished Content

Now all editing is complete and the content is approved, we will send you the full, high-quality, finals cuts ready for immediate use.


What our clients say

Across the Ideal Insight group we've produced more than 4,100 shoots in the last 7 years, delivering a 5 star service to our happy clients around the world.

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