Social Media Management From £650 PCM

• Account management

• Copywriting

• Image design

• Daily posting

• One monthly fee

Social media can be an invaluable marketing tool to help grow your business and increase your profits. But it often requires the kind of time, energy and resources that you just don’t have. Let our in-house specialists plan your social activity and create beautiful stand-out content for your feed. We’re ready to help run your channels for you and help make social media management simple.

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Monthly packages

Push. Pro. Advanced.

Our experts have designed 3 monthly social media marketing packages to choose from, built around different business needs.

Push - £650 per month

Starting out or building on what you already have, Push provides the basis for audience growth and engagement. Including 16 static posts, a personalised video and two personalised images every month, we create a highly effective programme.

Pro - £925 per month

Pro takes the core elements of Push and adds another level of content. We know that video and personalised creative maximizes engagement, so this package doubles both in your monthly programme, driving your results even harder.

Advanced - £1,570 per month

Advanced combines the best of Push and Pro and then adds another layer of marketing with a monthly blog and an email outreach campaign to drive leads and growth for your business.

Choosing the right package

Monthly packages explained

We talk you through the packages in detail, and the type of outputs you can expect.

Social media made simple

Monthly packages

From £650 per month

Everything you need in a simple package. Creation of content and posting on average every other day. You hardly have to do a thing!

Content creation

From £300

If you don't have any imagery, don't worry. Our creatives can set up a bespoke shoot that captures months worth of work in one day.

Paid campaigns

From £500

Create campaigns within your social media activity by allocating a budget to increase the number of prospects you reach.

We work with brands big and small

How to get going

It's simple to get started:

1. Provide us with logins to your social channels

2. We'll create a content plan

3. We'll re-purpose / write material

4. Sign-off

5. Watch your brand grow

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