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With a rapidly increasing number of brands investing in their online presence, it’s crucial to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of your consumer’s minds. 

A recent survey by Salesforce has shown that up to 85% of consumers research a brand online before making a purchase, meaning that to thrive, brands must have an effective online strategy to increase awareness and growth. Read on to learn how to engage with your audience online, and for our exclusive fun ways to engage an audience.


3 Creative Ways To Engage An Audience

A digital presence gives your brand the optimum platform to communicate with consumers. But engaging your audience can be easier said than done, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide for CEOs, MDs and marketing professionals to help and offer 3 creative ways to engage your audience through video, multi-channel marketing and your brand’s personality. Read on to learn our ways to engage an audience using video:


Fun Ways To Engage An Audience - Video Is King!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… when it comes to optimising your brand’s online presence, video is king! 

In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption, and from the same group, 90% of consumers said they wanted to see more video content online from the brands they follow (Hubspot). Read on for our creative ways to engage an audience with video:


Sensory Charged Video

Sensory Charged Video (also referred to as ASMR video) is the exciting and innovative trending way of showcasing your product by its sensory characteristics. 

Designed to unlock the full potential of your product experience online, sensory charged video offers a new route to getting under the skin of your audience. Provoking sight, sound and touch, sensory makes customers feel, triggering desire and impulse buying in it’s uniquely emotive experience. 

Sensory charged video is particularly useful for product campaigns, where you can make your online audience feel physically indulged in your product, significantly heightening their likelihood to buy. 


User-generated Video

Social media has become flooded with brands posting perfect, polished images of their products, and consumers have had enough! 

There’s been a shift in what consumers are wanting to see from the brands they follow online. Consumers now demand authentic content, they follow brands to gain exclusive insights and no longer take kindly to daily promotional posting. 

Given the rocket to popularity by apps and functions such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, short-form, user-generated content is king in 2022. User-generated content boasts a list of benefits for brands: it's low-cost, authentic and promotes genuine reviews of your product, building trust within your community. 

If you aren’t sure where to start with user-generated content, a good place can be by running a giveaway and asking the winner to review the products they win in short and concise video. Job done! 


Creative Ways To Engage An Audience - Adopt An Omnichannel Approach

Multi-channel marketing is important for the single reason that to communicate with your customers, you have to be on the same platforms they are. The only catch, customers are everywhere! Read on to learn about the 3 key platforms crucial to creating a multi-channel approach for your brand: 


Social Media

In January of 2022, social media had 3.96 billion active users worldwide. This is projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. With the majority of online users having an active presence on social media, it makes social platforms the perfect location for brands to connect with their audience. 

Social media hosts a range of benefits; it’s open to all brands, is a cheap way to market products and services and gives brands the opportunity to be more informed about their target audience. The platforms to consider for your social media marketing are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok – though it’s worth condensing your energy into the platforms which are loved by your target audience.



Email marketing is unique in its ability to build a personal connection between brand and customer. Use your email marketing to build a community, appearing on a brand’s mailing list is an exclusive experience, so be sure to make it worth your customer’s while. 

Share unique insights and content that the wider public does not have access to. Focus your email efforts on thought leadership and industry analysis. You could include downloadable resources to offer exclusive insights to your audience such as a video or whitepaper. 


Creative Ways To Engage An Audience Using Brand Personality

When connecting with your audience, it’s crucial to develop a strong brand personality that enables your organisation to connect with your customers on a deeper, more personal level. You should target your brand's messaging to be compassionate, helpful and understanding to your target audience's needs, and understand what motivates them to buy your product or service. Keep reading to learn our ways to engage an audience through brand personality.


Humour-driven Content

The key to establishing a successful connection with your online audience is to understand their behaviour, motivations and realise how this fuels consumer buying habits. 

Which emotions do your audience feel when they see your content online? 

From what we’ve seen so far in 2022, an increasing number of our favourite brands are utilising humour-driven content to engage their audience online. Utilise humour to demonstrate your understanding of your consumer’s motivations, humanise your brand and show them that you can relate to their life! Not only is humour-driven content such as memes marketing much more shareable, but you might also make one of your customer’s days! 



The second of our fun ways to engage an audience through brand personality is by storytelling. Use storytelling to relate to your customers, you might like to include anecdotes about your brand, how you got the idea for your product or service offering or share customer anecdotes and link it back to how your product helped them. 

Storytelling is a great way for you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Particularly on social media, organic marketing typically doesn’t generate as many leads as other forms, but customers enjoy seeing the insights behind a brand, generating trust and making customers more likely to stay loyal with you. 


User experience 

User experience (UX) is a crucial element to brand personality as it has the power to very quickly shape customer opinions and buying decisions. UX relies on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities and their limitations. 

Ensure that your website is optimised to customer experience, it should be easy to navigate, fast loading and aesthetically pleasing to showcase your products or service in the best light.


And that’s a wrap! There’s our list of exclusive ways to engage an audience. The online world has become increasingly important for brands, meaning that brands must work to ensure they give customers a seamless online experience. Are you engaging your audience online? Our team of videographers, video editors, content creators and digital marketing strategy specialists are waiting to elevate your brand to the next level.


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